• Reesa + Jeff via Film

    "Dorothy, when I get married you are going to photograph my wedding!" said Reesa, sitting across the lunch table over four years ago. Now here we are and it's actually coming true. Who knew? I remember going to my Senior prom with this girl in my group and then the year after, photographing her senior portraits. Seeing her with Jeff totally makes sense. They are two of the kindest and most genuine people I've come across in my life. They wanted this time together to be as low-key and fun as possible, which resulted in games of Mother, May I and Simon Says. So fun! These two challenged me in my art in the best way possible and I left them remembering why I love this job of mine so much. To add a little bit of somethin' somethin', I decided to photograph some frames with my 35mm and these are the results. Stay tuned for more of these two! They're getting married tomorrow!