• 2013: A Collection of Moments

    Well this is late, but so necessary… mostly for me. By the time another year ends, work slows down and along with it, my drive to do anything creative. Looking back through another year makes me grateful and if anything, inspires me to continue do what I love. 2013 was a good one-- dreams I forgot about came true, I continued to meet more and more people who allowed me to experience more life, and I grew. All of these individual lives intwertwined with mine, the faces- the beautiful faces- I get to capture... you are incredible and your lives extraordinary.

    Thank you for giving me the means to do this. 
    PS: Play some magic while perusing these.

    A special thanks to Mary Frances, Kate Price, Tonhya Wysong, Marissa Maharaj and Jenny Boyle for allowing me to work and learn alongside you wonderful talents.