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  • Prague + Vienna

    Prague, Czech Republic

    Vienna, Austria

    I almost didn't go on this trip, but I'm thankful I did. Prague was easily one of my favorite places we visited. It's sad to me that I'm forgetting so much already... I remember Prague having very friendly people, many people spoke English, it was very cold... Joe and I managed to find a legitimate Thanksgiving dinner at an English bookstore that was also a restaurant. During our time there, we also found amazing Thai food and had lots of great wine. We went to a jazz bar and had late night coffee and ice cream. We caved and got a little taste of home at Starbucks. We took trams and visited castles.

    Then it was on to Vienna! We took our first international train ride... people should ride them more often. It was a cold day and grey and we spent most of it to ourselves, reflecting, listening to our tunes and journalling. I enjoyed it. I learned a lot from this trip... honest conversations and silences. I remember seeing buildings I studied in my art history class, I remember late Christmas markets and hot drinks. 

    I cannot believe it has been a year. I still have a few more blog posts from my study abroad trip and yes, the places I went were amazing and incredible. I will always be grateful for all the places I was able to visit, but what I remember the very most from those four months is how much I learned about myself. One of the things I miss the most is the time I had. Life was slow-paced, I didn't have too much responsibility to other people but myself. I spent hours on trains reading and writing. I spent hours walking and thinking. Perhaps too much thinking, but thinking. That's something I don't have here back in the States. It is near impossible to find solitude what with cell phones, social media and the need to always be connected. It is difficult to not want to know what's going on... so the moments that were hard and the moments I had to myself, I am thankful. And I hope to carve out more time for those moments.

    Here's the video Joe made from our time in Prague and Vienna.

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    I am hoping that you are all having a beautiful Thanksgiving!