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  • We Spread the Love Fundraiser!

    I've been wanting to do this for awhile, but wanted to wait until I was able to share with you words and photos of my time over in Uganda. Recently I turned 24 and this year, my biggest wish is to raise at least $240 to send to Arise and Shine Uganda to help the kids have an amazing Christmas. (You can see how they celebrated last year here.) Mary is headed there again in less than two weeks and I want to send a gift along with her. Here’s how you can help!

    I designed a newspaper for my Senior project this last Spring inspired by Mary’s new organization We Spread the Love and of course the orphanage! This is a 16-page (8 spread) piece that features Mary’s wonderful photography of the children. You can see more photos of it here, read more in-depth about the project here and learn how you can use it to spread love!

    I printed a limited amount and only five available copies. These are going for $48, which includes shipping. This will total $240 if I'm able to sell all of them! Along with newspaper, you'd also be getting two prints pictured below! 

    I've also sent up a print gallery of a few select prints. Purchase one or two as a gift for this upcoming holiday season!



    Thank you soo much for your support and love. Be sure to check out what Mary's up and what the orphanage is up to!

  • New Business Cards!

    Believe it or not, I haven't had business cards for the past two years so when I got the opportunity this last Spring to intern at the coolest letterpress studio evahhh (Constellation and Co.), I knew I had to take advantage of the services in front of me. I designed these myself and with the help of Sara (the intern mom!), I was able to work the press and print my own cards! So, these cards are that much cooler and more special to me.

    The process was really fun. First I designed the cards and had Sara critique/look at 'em to see if they'd be okay to press. Then she ordered some polymer plates of my design. We put 'em on the press and did some test prints to make sure everything lined up correctly. We put some black ink onto the press (the texture of this ink was really interesting... almost like Laffy Taffy) and pressed 'em against the cards. Thanks to Sara for handcutting the cards and for helping me with this. She is the coolest. If you get a chance, check out their work. I've been helping photograph some of their new line and I'm so excited to see the catalog they're in the process of putting together.

    If you're interested, I kept a small blog during my time there here