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  • The Feng Family

    I kid you not, I was literally grinning ear to ear the whole time I was working on these photos because this family was hilarious. Yee and Carolyn are two of the coolest parents around town. I mean, I'm pretty sure that the Gangnam style is actually the Feng style. The whole family has that dance down to a tee. I hadn't seen Ellie since she first came into this world about a year and a half ago... and Jediah, well words just won't do justice to the kid. This family is rad annnnd they're the first ones to help me out with my Uganda fundraiser! More cool points!

    Yee is an amazing photographer himself and I've had the privilege of working alongisde him. Definitely check out his work if you've got some time (let's face it... you're on my blog, you have time).