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  • Oanh + Van | Houston, TX

    Van is the first and the longest friend I've had and since he's married now... I think I'm in the clear to say that I'm too fast approaching adulthood. Van's known that Oanh was the one since they met in high school. I learned this during his vows, which definitely made me tear up... I can't believe how much time has gone by! Their wedding day was truly a celebration of not only their love, but also one that celebrated all the people that have supported them throughout their relationship.

    I don't know if there's a better girl for Van or if there's a better guy for Oanh- these two are meant to be, without a doubt. I had such a great time hangin' out in Texas for the first time with them and new friends. In-between their ceremony and reception, we stopped at Tapioca House... where Van worked for seven years and where many of their friends are currently employed. We enjoyed some lunch and boba tea! Van even went behind and made some drinks for the crew. It was so obvious how close-knit his crew is there- his boss even closed the shop early to attend the reception. The day after their wedding, a group of 30+ of us headed to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Galveston Island and spent the day there. Talk about community. Below are some silly disposables I took from my weekend there. Thanks for having me! Love you both.

  • Mandie

    This is my dear friend Mandie, who is blessed with many many talents. It is rare to see her on the other side of the camera. Her story is not mine to share so I won't attempt. But I know this is something she did for herself and I'm very proud of her for doing so. From her blog, and found in a letter from 1903:

    Ripening like a tree, which doesn’t force its sap, and stands confidently in the storms of spring, not afraid that afterward summer may not come.

    It does come.

    *BW frames shot with a Canon AE1

  • Sasquatch! 2012 via Film

    What do you do when you are without a media pass and can't sneak in a dSLR? You bring your 35mm film camera and run with it... which is exactly what I did. Besides, who needs the pressure of constantly lugging around a 5lb piece of equipment and having to worry about it right? (At least this is what I kept telling myself) I will admit that it was nice to walk around with a film camera with the air of curiosity looming over me. This was my first experience at the infamous Sasquatch music festival (as well as the Gorge Amphitheatre) and it was definitely a treat. We roughed it for 3 night nights amongst the strung out, crazy people and soaked in some ear candy, eating nothing but snack foods. I unfortunately lost a roll of film, but maybe one day it will magically appear. Admist these shots are Santigold, Girl Talk, Pickwick, Macklemore, Coeur de pirate, and Gardens & Villa. Sasquatch was wonderful and it was great to share the experience with good friends.

  • Reesa + Jeff via Film

    "Dorothy, when I get married you are going to photograph my wedding!" said Reesa, sitting across the lunch table over four years ago. Now here we are and it's actually coming true. Who knew? I remember going to my Senior prom with this girl in my group and then the year after, photographing her senior portraits. Seeing her with Jeff totally makes sense. They are two of the kindest and most genuine people I've come across in my life. They wanted this time together to be as low-key and fun as possible, which resulted in games of Mother, May I and Simon Says. So fun! These two challenged me in my art in the best way possible and I left them remembering why I love this job of mine so much. To add a little bit of somethin' somethin', I decided to photograph some frames with my 35mm and these are the results. Stay tuned for more of these two! They're getting married tomorrow!