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  • To the Coast!

    To the Coast | The Roaming Tree from Dorothy Huynh on Vimeo.

    It was time to get out of the city, to turn off the phone, to adventure with some friends and get some quiet. Together with my friends Matt and Matti, we spent last Friday at the coast. We literally just drove around, took photos, and had hearty conversations. Matt started a community Facebook page a bit ago called The Roaming Tree, which encourages people to have adventures every day. I think that many of us believe we don't have the ability to get out and have this particular life that we see on social media platforms (like Tumblr or Instagram), but the reality is... it's definitely feasible. You just have to go out and do it. Go spend time outside... even if you can't gather friends. Often it is more difficult to spend time with yourself than it is to spend time with a bunch of people. There were moments this day where none of us talked to one another... we were in our own spaces, lost in our own thoughts and that's totally okay.

    I hadn't taken personal photos in a long time, because I knew that if I did I wouldn't have time to edit them... so it was lovely to pick it up again and take photos for the hell of it. I decided to also expand my horizons a bit and film some clips from our day in the video above. There really isn't a narrative, just moments. I loved this day.

    "And God, let me enjoy this. Life isn’t just a sequence of things waiting to be done..." - Ze Frank