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  • Erika + Kevin

    Community. That's what Erika and Kevin are about. These two are the definition of living life surrounded my genuine and invested relationships. As I worked through these images, I found myself starting sentences over and over in preparation for this post that could truly describe this day... but my words, I'm afraid, will fail to do so. 

    Recently, I went through a slump and asked myself why I do what I do... why bother photographing weddings? They've become such a production and it is disheartening when wedding celebrations become a one-day deal, in which everything has to be perfect... weddings represent a lot more. They represent a marriage... the union of two people becoming one. They represent a covenant, a lifetime... not one day. When I relive this day, I remember why I fell in love with my job in the first place.

    Erika and Kevin have been an integral part of my life in the past year and a half. When life was stressful, they'd offer to make me dinner. When I needed listeners, they were there. These two are the epitome of good character and adventure. Their wedding day was one that glorified our Savior and celebrated all the people who've invested into their lives. There were so many neat details to this day. Erika and Kevin are way into rock-climbing (I mean, they got me into it... and I'm forever grateful) and during their ceremony, they tied a figure-eight knot together to represent their union. Justin, the Best Man, gave the hands-down best speech I've ever heard. Erika collected tons and tons of heart rocks for their wedding programs. Erika's dad, made the cathedral windows that they used as their backdrop from materials on their property in southern Oregon. They shared ice cream cones instead of cutting cake and did a tandem bike getaway. Their tables had photos from their adventures and descriptions of the places they've visited. (It's their goal to visit all the national parks.) Since they've been together, they've also had an adventure book in which they encouraged their guests to add to. 

    They just got home from their three-week honeymoon across Canada and the Western US and left stickers from their wedding everywhere they went... yeah, they're pretty cool.

    I don't know guys, this day was too good. I left this day feeling so full.

    (Also, check out their engagement session here... one of my favorites!)

    Venue: Snoqualmie Point Park, Second Shooter: Alex Herbig, Wedding Dress: from A Bride to Remember, Invitations: Elisabeth Price, Stickers + Pint Glass Design: Taylor Burgoyne