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  • Coleen + Tim

    This was a very dear wedding for me to present at and to be bestowed the honor of photographing. Coleen's sister Shalom is one of my very best friends and I have known this family ever since the 7th grade. I've seen the things this family has endured and it was incredibly touching to Coleen's dreams finally come true by marrying a boy she meant 15 years earlier in high school. Their love story was meant to be, I'm sure of it. Coleen and Tim had a small ceremony in their parents' backyard (which was so perfect) and held their reception at the beautiful Waterstreet Cafe.

    The last few portraits were taken during magic hour and it was awesome. I have to recall this story because it was the cutest thing. Coleen and Tim's oldest son came out with them and as Coleen was telling him to stand out for some portraits he said to her, "Anything for you, my bride." He also asked his mom what she was going to do with her wedding dress and asked if he could save it for his future bride. So so sweet.

    Coleen and Tim, you two deserve the very best and I wish you the most beautiful future together. I know you've been waiting anxiously for these photos and I hope it was worth the wait. Thank again so much for welcoming me into your day. 

  • Stephanie + Tim

    This is Stephanie and Tim. They're my friends. I've photographed them four- (ish) times. First back in December of 2009, then in July the following year, then we went on an adventure to Port Townsend in September the same year. They've been together for three years as of today. And they're getting married this coming September... AND I AM SO EXCITED. It's been a privilege to see the beginning of their story and be sharing life with them. Can't wait for these two to finally tie the knot :)