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  • I'm going to Uganda!

    Hey friends! I'm so excited to be finally sharing some news that's been brewing in my heart for the past month (but, really for the past four years... scroll to the bottom to read the whole story!) I'm teaming up with We Spread the Love and offering holiday portrait sessions. The funds raised will help send me to Uganda in March 2013 to volunteer my time and hang out with the kids at Arise and Shine, a childrens' home... and I'm crossing my fingers that with your generous support, we'll be able to raise enough to donate additional funding for these kids!

    To fundraise for this trip, portrait sessions will offered at $200 for a 30-minute session or $400 for a 90-minute session in the months of November through January. A CD of images is also included in this price! Gather some friends and take some fun portraits together or get your family portraits taken in time for some holiday cards. If that's a little too much, I completely understand :) Another way in which you can help out is to buy a fine art print from my past travels in a gallery that I've set up here. (If there's a particular photograph you like that isn't in the gallery, just shoot me an email.)

    How did this come about, you ask? As a senior in high school, I had to give a presentation in order to graduate. I had to tell a panel of community members and teachers what I was going to do upon graduating high school. I had a very specific plan... but long story short, my plan was to get a degree in photography, become a photojournalist, work at a non-profit and go to Uganda. Well, if you know me at all, life has taken me on a different road. I attended photo school for a year, but realized it wasn't for me. I moved back home and switched schools studying visual communication and entrepreneurship... my dream of going to Uganda slowly drifted to the bottom of desires and priorities. Doors for wedding documentary opened and I have loved doing that for the past two years! 

    In September, my lovely friend Mary from Floataway Studios (you may also know her as Wandering with Mary) came and visited in Seattle. Over breakfast we caught up and shared our lives and she told me that she would soon be returning to Uganda for six months to work and volunteer at Arise and Shine. I had nonchalantly mentioned that I had always wanted to Uganda and she said, "Come with me." And I thought about it for a split second and said, "Okay!"

    I've been thinking about it ever since and am realizing that this is totally feasible. I was also thinking how incredible it is that God is so faithful when he plants dreams in your heart. Now, as a senior in college, the dream has resurfaced and here's a door of opportunity. Four and a half years later. It's kind of a like a full-circle kinda deal, and I think it's amazing.

    I'll aiming to raise $3000 and to head out there March 17th through the 25th. If you'd like more information about Arise and Shine, head to their website or watch this short video about what they are currently working on.

    So there's that! I am so excited. Please consider booking a portrait session, buying a print, donating or if you believe in prayer... sending one of those up to the big guy. 

    Thank you to you all.