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  • Jordan and Alan Married

    Happy first anniversary to these two annnddd a hearty congratulations as Jordan and Alan just became parents to a beautiful baby boy. Their wedding day started out dreary and rainy, but the skies cleared just in time for their ceremony. Including me, there were a total of ten people in attendence at their small and intimate wedding celebration out in Easton, Washington. Before their ceremony, they shared personal letters to one another and it was like a first look elevated.

    Alan is a chef and catered the entire evening (excluding the cake made by Saltadena) and I thought that was incredibly special. Jordan's beautiful dress was from Spell & The Gypsy Collective and the invitations were designed by the bride herself. Everything about this day was unique and had the fingerprints of the couple all over it. Thank you for having me, you guys! 

  • Shalom and John Married

    I didn't remember until I was putting together this blog post, how crazy the weather was the week leading up to John and Shalom's wedding. The evening before, the power was out and there were branches and trees on the streets. I could feel my car moving as I drove. The weather was insane... but if you took a look at Shalom, there was not a stressed-out bone in her body. Or at least, you couldn't tell. She was just happy to be finally marrying the man of her dreams. 

    If you missed their epic proposal post last year, you have to check it out here. To say this wedding was a labor of love would be an understatement. There were so many hands involved in this day; these two are very loved. The morning before, we woke up at dawn to hand-pick flowers from a local dahlia farm. From the hand-stitched ribbons on her bouquet to the bouquet itself (which John put together the morning of), to their monogram (a big thanks to Kayla Cervenka), their invites, the table settings (carved by Shalom's parents)... the list could go on.

    I can't believe it's been almost a year since their wedding day. I am so happy for my friends. John and Shalom are two of the most caring people. I don't know what it is, but I swear I'm getting more emotional as I get older. As the two exchanged vows, I couldn't help but tear up knowing everything Shalom has been through and knowing deep down, how well John would take care of her. I love you both!

    I couldn't have done this without Shelby Payne and my Aaron. Thank you so much for teaming up with me to make this possible! Love you guys.

    // The Day Of //

    Ceremony Venue + Reception Venue: Woodstock Farm, Wedding Dress: Francine by Watters- BHLDN, Florals: Vista Dahlia Farm, Make-up: Sofia Martinell , Hair: Aleta Goodson, Bride's Bouquet: John Murphy (groom)Bakery: Kristen BarronCaterer: WWU CateringSecond Shooter: Shelby Payne, Third Shooter: Aaron McCarty

  • Rachel + Moses Married

    How do I begin to write about this wedding? It was apparent throughout the whole day how much Rachel and Moses wanted this day to not be about them, but instead a gathering of the people they care and love for the most. They were gracious, patient, and so welcoming to everyone throughout the day, and I have to mention that they also knew how to enjoy this precious time with everyone there all together. Their wedding day was truly a reflection of their love for Christ, their love for one another, and their love for people. This day was joy-filled and full of tradition and I loved all the color and character. After they were announced husband and wife, one of my favorite memories was when each of them read thank you letters to their parents. The emotion was high in that sanctuary and I am grateful to have been there. 

    A huge thanks to Phu Nguyen for second shooting!! Many of his shots are above.

  • Lexy + Isaiah

    I've known Isaiah since elementary school and Lexy since high school. To say that they are perfect for one another is an understatement. No stress, all love and silliness, that's the attitude they carried all day and it made the day relaxed and memorable. The first for me was a getaway on a jet-ski! I would not expect anything less, knowing these two. Lexy's home growing up was the perfect spot for their I-do's and I am incredibly happy that they are now officially Mr. and Mrs.! Happy almost-two months of marriage! Time sure does go by fast.

  • Nhuy + Joe Married in Maui

    Nhuy and Joe were married a month ago in beautiful Lahaina, Maui. The day before their wedding, we ventured around town to take some engagement photos on the coast and at a local park. The wedding day was relaxed as we started the morning foraging local flowers and supplies to make her bouquet and crown, splashing at our beachfront access condos and taking our time doing her make-up and getting ready. This wedding was full of love as there were only 16 of us there, and so much fun! Congrats you guys! Love you both.

    Ceremony Venue: Waiola Church, Reception Venue: Pacific'o, Wedding Dress: Reformation

  • Emily + Andy Married on Whidbey

    From the moment I met this couple, I knew that I had to photograph their wedding. We share the same zeal for life and hobbies (like running and traveling!- they were in Japan for a month before their wedding)! The love they have for one another is so completely adorable. This day just rocked in every way possible. Enjoy one of my favorite weddings I've had the privilege of documenting!

    Ceremony Venue + Reception Venue: Crockett Farm B&B, Wedding Dress: Nicole MillerlWedding Coordination: Erin HatchFlorist: Paula Doe (bride's mother)Bakery: Whidbey PiesCaterer: Mulugeta AbateBandPine HeartsSecond Shooter: Michele Equitz

  • Zac + Kiri

    I'd been looking forward to this wedding ever since I met Zac back in 2010. You don't come across quality people like this often. He wasn't dating Kiri at the time, but I do remember him telling me about this girl. The way he talked about her was different- it really was- his face would light up and there was a nervous edge in his voice. It was only a matter of timing that these two would be meeting each other at the altar. Zac and Kiri were married in his parent's backyard- the place where he grew up. It was really beautiful being there. Seeing all the efforts and hard work that his family and friends had put in come to life was nothing short of wonderful. These two are incredibly talented designers and everything about this day reflected their talents to the nines (in my humble opinion). If you've got a minute on top of viewing these photos, check out their wedding site where there's a rad video of how their invites came together. It's one of the coolest things I've seen! I am so happy for these two and love how they love not only one another but their community.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to remember once again why what I do is a privilege.

    Ceremony + Reception Venue: Private Residence: Port Angeles, WAWedding Dress: Annabelle Dress from BHLDN, Bakery: Westernco Donuts, Band: Witherow, Videography: David GoodwinWedding Invitations & Stationary: Zac + Kiri Schwiethale 

  • Mara + Andy

    Together for nine years... Mara and Andy have a solid foundation for their marriage. Not to mention the best community of family and friends. Thank you for having me.

    Ceremony + Reception Venue: Melrose Market StudiosCocktail Hour Venue: Still LiquorWedding Dress: BHLDH, Caterer: SkilletMCWA Sound

  • Laura + Chris

    Laura and Chris. This day was one of my favorites- not because Laura made a lovely bride, not because the florals were beautiful...  and not even because the weather was pretty perfect. No, this day was one of my favorites because of Laura and Chris. These two have an amazing love for everyone they come across. They are fun and they are funny. They are kind and they are kindred. They are warm and they are witty. They know how to throw a party and be a party. I can't think of a better way I would've spent this Saturday. Thank you for trusting me and thank you for your friendship. Congrats you two.

    Ceremony Venue: United Presbyterian Church of SeattleReception Venue: EM Fine Art, Second Shooter: Phu NguyenFlorist: Sips N Stems

  • Allison + Nathan

    Allison and Nathan. So many amazing details and aspects that went into this day. Alli planned this day to the tee- ten hours spent into handmaking her garters, vases and frames collected and repainted, sequined tableclothes from her aunt- she wore perfume that her and Nathan picked out together. All of these details didn't go unnoticed. I am honored, truly, to have been a part of this.

    Thank you so much to my dear friend Jenny for comin' along. Many of her frames are below.

    Ceremony Venue: The AcademyReception Venue: Adrianna Hill Grand BallroomSecond Shooter: Jenny LinquistWedding Dress: Charlotte's Weddings and MoreFlorist: Good Seed FloralBakery: Wicked Delights, DJ: Joey EdwardsVideographer: Ariane Kunze

  • Danielle + Eric

    Danielle and Eric's wedding day was pretty darn near perfect. These two have been together for over eight years- living in different states and even different countries. Their love is the truest of forms and I couldn't be more excited to share some of my favorite moments from their day. Congrats again to you two!

  • Kristi + David

    Kristi and David are two people who love each other quite deeply and it showed in ever aspect of their day. The two of them did a phenomenal job putting together a beautiful celebration with their dearest. From the stunning invitations, to the friends involved with the ceremony music, to the personal pizzas and Molly Moon's ice cream... to the laughs and the time spent with each other, I enjoyed this day immensely.

    Thanks Alex for some of these killer frames below. 

    Ceremony Venue: Gas Works Park, Reception Venue: Within Sodo, Second Shooter: Alex Herbig, Make-Up Artist: Hanna Mazur Wedding Dress: from Blue Sky Bridal, Wedding Coordination: Manette Gracie Events, Florist: Melanie Benson, Dessert: Molly Moon's Ice Cream, Caterer: Feed Co. Catering & Streetzeria, DJ: Marc Matsui of Integral DJs, Wedding Invitations: Daniel Kiyoi of Paper Playne

  • Heidi + Daniel Get Married In Bend

    It was pouring down rain exactly 24 hours prior to Heidi and Daniel's wedding. The rehearsal took over two hours because they practiced outside in the field as well as inside their barn space. We prayed and hoped that the weather would hold out, because these two were getting married outside no matter what.

    The morning of the wedding day was as beautiful as it could get. Central Oregon is a breathtaking place- I had never been to Bend and so wished that I had extra time to explore more afterwards. Heidi is a dear friend and I was glad to be able to spend a relaxing morning with her and the girls. The boys according to David, my second shooter, were a riot. I knew the day would be a memorable one.

    Heidi and Daniel opted out of a first look and I knew they were both anxious to get things started. Finally, the guests were seated and the family started walking down. We weren't halfway through the wedding party when the power went out and the music stopped. 

    I felt a drop.

    I looked at Daniel.

    Then someone yelled, "Everyone to the barn!"

    The clouds had made their way right over the ceremony spot. Someone said that we were having the wedding in the barn. Somewhere else I heard that we were waiting for the rain to pass. Golf carts were going back and forth from the field for the elderly. The video guys moved all their equipment inside and started setting it up for the barn. I saw the communion necessities being passed and someone saying, "We're nixing this to make the ceremony shorter." It was finally decided that we were going to give Heidi that outdoor wedding she wanted. So we waited.

    The wait wasn't so long, as the chaos made the time pass quickly. When the rain had finally made its way past us, everyone started for the field again. This time chairs were only brought down for grandparents and everyone stood. All of this anticipation was starting to build up.

    The music started and we started the ceremony for the second time. As soon as Heidi was in sight-- amongst the soft, beautiful music-- everyone cheered and clapped. I looked at Daniel and he was in tears. I looked at Heidi, looking ever so beautiful, sobbing uncontrollably.

    It was one of the most beautiful moments I've ever witnessed in my life.

    The ceremony was wonderful. Heidi and Daniel went through with communion and each row was invited to the front. It was incredible to feel that sense of community in that moment.

    It is needless to say that the rest of the evening was as epic as you'd expect.

    Thank you, Heidi and Daniel... for changing my perspective.

    Be sure to check out their incredible wedding film done by Maxwell Monty, here.

    Venue: Shadow Ranch: Bend, Oregon Second Shooter: David Mendoza III, Wedding Dress: from A Bride to Remember, Florist: Flowers by Deanna, Videographer: Maxwell Monty, Cafe Bakery: The Cake Lady

  • Erika + Kevin

    Community. That's what Erika and Kevin are about. These two are the definition of living life surrounded my genuine and invested relationships. As I worked through these images, I found myself starting sentences over and over in preparation for this post that could truly describe this day... but my words, I'm afraid, will fail to do so. 

    Recently, I went through a slump and asked myself why I do what I do... why bother photographing weddings? They've become such a production and it is disheartening when wedding celebrations become a one-day deal, in which everything has to be perfect... weddings represent a lot more. They represent a marriage... the union of two people becoming one. They represent a covenant, a lifetime... not one day. When I relive this day, I remember why I fell in love with my job in the first place.

    Erika and Kevin have been an integral part of my life in the past year and a half. When life was stressful, they'd offer to make me dinner. When I needed listeners, they were there. These two are the epitome of good character and adventure. Their wedding day was one that glorified our Savior and celebrated all the people who've invested into their lives. There were so many neat details to this day. Erika and Kevin are way into rock-climbing (I mean, they got me into it... and I'm forever grateful) and during their ceremony, they tied a figure-eight knot together to represent their union. Justin, the Best Man, gave the hands-down best speech I've ever heard. Erika collected tons and tons of heart rocks for their wedding programs. Erika's dad, made the cathedral windows that they used as their backdrop from materials on their property in southern Oregon. They shared ice cream cones instead of cutting cake and did a tandem bike getaway. Their tables had photos from their adventures and descriptions of the places they've visited. (It's their goal to visit all the national parks.) Since they've been together, they've also had an adventure book in which they encouraged their guests to add to. 

    They just got home from their three-week honeymoon across Canada and the Western US and left stickers from their wedding everywhere they went... yeah, they're pretty cool.

    I don't know guys, this day was too good. I left this day feeling so full.

    (Also, check out their engagement session here... one of my favorites!)

    Venue: Snoqualmie Point Park, Second Shooter: Alex Herbig, Wedding Dress: from A Bride to Remember, Invitations: Elisabeth Price, Stickers + Pint Glass Design: Taylor Burgoyne

  • Cat + Ardon

    Cat and Ardon threw an epic dance party for their guests, complete with many DJs who all happen to be friends. A highlight of the day, which will probably be one for the books, is when the entire wedding party plus two photographers hopped aboard an 18-passenger van that has been in the family for years. Now that, that was a memorable experience. Cat and Ardon, thanks again for having me. Wishing you two the very best!

    Venue: Seattle Marriot Waterfront Hotel, Wedding Coordinator: Joseph Forrest- Event Manager at Seattle Marriot, Second Shooter: Alex Herbig, Wedding Dress: Melissa Sweet from David's Bridal, Florist: Metropolitan Market, Bakery: Mimi's Bakery, Caterer: Larry Talon- Seattle Marriot Executive Chef, DJ: Integral DJs

  • Oanh + Van | Houston, TX

    Van is the first and the longest friend I've had and since he's married now... I think I'm in the clear to say that I'm too fast approaching adulthood. Van's known that Oanh was the one since they met in high school. I learned this during his vows, which definitely made me tear up... I can't believe how much time has gone by! Their wedding day was truly a celebration of not only their love, but also one that celebrated all the people that have supported them throughout their relationship.

    I don't know if there's a better girl for Van or if there's a better guy for Oanh- these two are meant to be, without a doubt. I had such a great time hangin' out in Texas for the first time with them and new friends. In-between their ceremony and reception, we stopped at Tapioca House... where Van worked for seven years and where many of their friends are currently employed. We enjoyed some lunch and boba tea! Van even went behind and made some drinks for the crew. It was so obvious how close-knit his crew is there- his boss even closed the shop early to attend the reception. The day after their wedding, a group of 30+ of us headed to Schlitterbahn Waterpark in Galveston Island and spent the day there. Talk about community. Below are some silly disposables I took from my weekend there. Thanks for having me! Love you both.

  • Nhaca + Isaiah

    Nhaca and Isaiah have been blissfully wed for four months- they had a small intimate wedding in Switzerland with close family and friends. Of course they wanted to celebrate with their friends here as well so they had a small reception a few weeks ago in Seattle. These two are incredible together- they currently live in Cambodia doing non-profit work and will soon move to Singapore at the end of summer. I've known Nhaca for probably about 10 years and I always admired how strong-willed and independent she was- and I always knew she'd be doing big things. I'm so glad that she found someone to do them alongside her.

  • Ali + Chris

    Ali and Chris are two beautiful people and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know them. Everything about this day was so "them". They rocked the cold February air and looked timeless, if I may say so myself. Congrats again and thank you for having me share your day. 

    This was my first wedding of 2013 and I'm excited for the rest of this season! Special thanks to my assistant Shelby Payne. Many of her frames are shared above.

  • Nicole + John

    These two. They reallllly knew how to throw a party. Nicole and John are both golf-lovers so naturally it only made sense to celebrate their big day at a golf course. The light was perfect, the party was a blast and the dancing was outrageous. Congrats you two!

    A shoutout to the one and only Karen Obrist for comin' along for the ride!

  • Kristin + Dusty: The Henry Wedding Adventure!

    A few nights before these two were to be wed, I came across this blog post that Dusty had shared on his Facebook. It almost made me tear up. Some of the sweetest words I have ever read... clearly, the man has a way with words. Kristin and Dusty are two of the craziest and fun-loving people I've ever met. They are 100%, genuinely themselves and they don't care who knows it. The way these two looked at each other, laughed with each other and had all these inside jokes... their love was meant to be. Every detail about this day was beautifully planned and thought out. It was so fun to see it all come together after all the time Kristin had been telling me about it. And they were so easy to photograph! (Okay, I knew had it good ever since their engagement session.)The best part was probably when these two pulled out a Zelda sword to cut their wedding cake with. I tell you, unashamedly them. I love it. 

    By the way, Kristin has an awesome Etsy shop and just started a fun DIY/life blog. She's also part of a local Seattle band: Sincerely, Val. Check them out if you get the chance. 

  • Kristen + Jesse

    Kristen and Jesse had a humble yet beautiful ceremony at their parents' backyard. There was good food, good times and good company. Thank you to you two for having me share your special day. You can see their engagement photos here!

  • Jennah + Shane Part 2

    I remember last Spring hanging out with Jennah over coffee or something and she had told me that she had started dating Shane. I was ecstatic for her and knew that when I got back from my study abroad program that fall, she would more than likely be engaged. What do you know? I was right ;) These two have been through thick and thin and this marriage was meant to be.

    Jennah and Shane were married at a family friend's gorgeous estate. It was the most perfect venue for the two of them. I loved being able to share and document my friends' long-anticipated day. So thankful for these two and their presence in my life. 

    After getting married, they drove across the country to move into their new home in upstate New York. Right after that they left for their European honeymoon adventure, of which I was extremely envious of. Then they got back to the states and officially "moved-in" and where Jennah has started pursuing her law degree at Syracuse. Are these two crazy? Yes. Are they ambitious? Extremely.

    I'm headed to New York for the next few days and will get to visit them and see their new home and adorable puppy. It's going to be a great last summer adventure!

    If you missed it, I blogged part one of Jennah and Shane's wedding weekend yesterday here

    Location: Central Point, OR, Venue: Private Estate, Wedding Planner: Lauren Fair, Caterer: 2 Good Cookin' Chicks, Florist: Aviva Floral, Videography: Fourth & Oak, DJ: Richard Templeton, Dress: David's Bridal

  • Jennah + Shane Part 1

    Jennah and Shane were extremely welcoming and so were their families, treating us just like their own friends and family. Shane's mom put together a beautiful rehearsal dinner in their own backyard. There were kids running around, grass stains I'm sure, custom designed t-shirts, laughs, slideshows and memories. The night was so warm, the light was so warm and I felt blessed to be there. Stay tuned for their wedding which is hittin' up the blog tomorrow :) 

  • Coleen + Tim

    This was a very dear wedding for me to present at and to be bestowed the honor of photographing. Coleen's sister Shalom is one of my very best friends and I have known this family ever since the 7th grade. I've seen the things this family has endured and it was incredibly touching to Coleen's dreams finally come true by marrying a boy she meant 15 years earlier in high school. Their love story was meant to be, I'm sure of it. Coleen and Tim had a small ceremony in their parents' backyard (which was so perfect) and held their reception at the beautiful Waterstreet Cafe.

    The last few portraits were taken during magic hour and it was awesome. I have to recall this story because it was the cutest thing. Coleen and Tim's oldest son came out with them and as Coleen was telling him to stand out for some portraits he said to her, "Anything for you, my bride." He also asked his mom what she was going to do with her wedding dress and asked if he could save it for his future bride. So so sweet.

    Coleen and Tim, you two deserve the very best and I wish you the most beautiful future together. I know you've been waiting anxiously for these photos and I hope it was worth the wait. Thank again so much for welcoming me into your day. 

  • Joy + Steve

    Joy and Steve were married mid-June at Mars Hill's beautiful U-District campus. I loved being a part of their day- they are just two beautiful people who were so obviously in love. The two of them saved their first kiss for the altar and I could tell all day leading up to it that they could hardly wait! They even scheduled time after the ceremony so that I could take "kissing" portraits of them. So good. I can't thank my awesome assistant and second for the day Karen Obrist enough- a few of her shots are featured above. You can check out Joy and Steve's engagement session here.

  • Joan + Joshua

    Joan and Joshua were married at Tibbetts Creek Manor in Issaquah. They had a small and intimate ceremony, and it was clear that they were among their closest family and friends. When I asked them what makes them unique as a couple, they answered, "We have the exact same alot of things." I thought that was so fitting. Loved being a part of their day! Congrats again you two :)

  • Reesa + Jeff

    Reesa and Jeff tied the knot earlier in June at the Seattle Temple and then regathered in Olympia for a small and intimate celebration with your closest family and friends. Dancing with them was a darn good time and I was pretty envious of their rad dance skills. I am honored to have been a part of their day.

  • Liz + Ben

    Growing up, Liz was too independent and always seemed like she knew what she wanted. I never thought I'd see the day she'd get married! But back in April I was lucky enough to meet these two game nerds, I mean love birds, near Atlanta and photograph their small, intimate wedding at this precious chapel in Berkeley Lake. It was so beautiful and fun to be in the South for a few days and I'm lucky to have been there. Welcome to the crazy family Ben ;)

  • Joy + Steve

    I met these two on a rare sunny Seattle day in a beautiful part of town that I had never been before. Every Saturday, Joy and Steve grab an afternoon coffee at the same Tully's. This is where we started our session. I loved sitting down and listening to how the two of them met and after listening to them and reading their story, it is clear that these two are made for each other. Cheesy, I know but I'm serious. Steve absolutely adores Joy and it was so evident. I am so very excited and honored to be their wedding photographer. It's gonna be good!